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Bells and Chimes

Altar Bell with Pentagram Design

Hear the light, ringing song of this small silver-plated bell. 3" tall, with an engraved pentacle design and scalloped edges around its rim, the chime of this bell garners far more attention than one would expect from its size alone. FB105A


Altar Bell with Triquetra Design

A 3" tall silver-plated bell, two triquetra and Celtic knotwork designs engraved into its opposing sides. The perfect size for use on an altar or in your ritual space, the airy chime of this bell is reminiscent of a bedside bell, useful for calling aid when you need it. FB105B


Altar Bell with Triple Moon Design

A 3" tall silver-plated bell, adorned with a triple-moon engraving upon its side. Small and portable, this bell can serve to invoke the goddess with grace, its light ringing calling her attention to your acts, bringing her strength and wisdom to your endeavors. FB105C


Bell with Celtic Knot & Cord

A solid brass bell with a diamond shaped Celtic Knot striker and matching diamond shaped decoration in the center of its approx. 10" string, bell & knot 2"



Brass Bell and Dorje with Striker

Frequently used within Buddhist rituals, the bell and Dorje are powerful symbols, referring to masculine and feminine powers within the universe. The Dorje is actually viewed by some as a weapon, or the irresistible power of spirituality. The bell in turn is viewed as a representative of the wisdom of emptiness, and the serenity found within. Together they represent the balance of these masculine and feminine powers, and the enlightenment found in wisdom and compassion.

In this case, the bell and dorje are skillfully crafted of brass. The bell measures approximately 3 1/5" in diameter and 6" high, and is engraved with a repeating pattern reminiscent of the traditional patterns found in the tools of Tibet. The dorje, possessing somewhat of a more golden coloring than the bell, measures only 4" long and fits easily into your hand or between your fingers. Also coming with the set is a 5 1/2" long wooden striker, allowing you to ring the bell within your ceremony by striking its rim. FBD54


Bronze Tibetan Hand Bell and Puja Stick

Used both as an aid in mystical rituals and a balancing force unto itself, the Hand Bell and Puja stick are powerful implements, both symbolically and in the effect they offer on energies, both negative and positive. The bell represents feminine aspects of the divine, while the Puja stick embodies aspects of the masculine. With the left hand holding the bell and the right holding the Puja stick, the bell is struck. This harmonizes the room in which the bell rings, with the resonance bringing both negative and positive energies into a state of balance. This is frequently used as an aid in Feng Shui, as well as in other prayer and magical rituals. The bell itself is of ornate bronze, standing approximately 5" tall and 3 3/4" in diameter. The Puja stick is made of wood, and is approximately 4 1/2" in length and 1" in diameter, and is contoured to fit easily in your hand.  FBT41


Celestial Bells

Hanging approximately 1 1/2" long and cast of brass, these small bells ring with a delicate chime that cannot help but to leave you feeling as though you're resting within the embrace of the celestial realms. They also feature a blue lacquer finish that artistically suggests a pattern of stars and moons.  FB7517


Clear Toned Small Bells

These one inch brass bells come in various shapes and styles. The high clear tone they emit when rung is ideal for ritual and calling the elemental energies. Makes a sweet and pleasant sound.  FBCLE

$1.00 Each

Dragon Tingsha Cymbals

Also known as ting-sha, these small symbols are used within prayer and spiritual rituals. Thick, and made of brass, they possess a unique sound quality that is used within deep meditation, and to provide healing sounds and vibration.

These ting-sha, or Tibetan cymbals, portray two dragons, encircling each disk, while the undersides have been engraved with Tibetan characters. Strung together upon a leather cord, each measures approximately 3" in diameter. FCD3


Large Brass Wiccan Altar Bell

Made of brass, these bells are a lovely addition to your altar and ritual crafts. Ringing with a delightful, high-toned sound they resonate loudly for your ritual, whether you calling for divine attention or dispersing energy. These bells come in various sizes and styles with both wooden and brass handles, chosen at random. Each is approximately 4 3/4" in height. FBWIC


Moon Altar Bell

A wonderful tool for the altar and ritual magic, this bronze altar bell is inscribed with the triple moon image that widely represents the Goddess on two sides of its facing. This, combined with the crescent moon which adorns the top of its delicate stem, makes it a wonderful array of imagery that will enhance your magic and ceremony with its clear chime. The whole thing measure approximately 5" in height and 2 1/4" in diameter at its widest point. FB106C


Om Altar Bell

Plated in silver, this small, 3" tall altar bell is an elegant piece for your rituals and ceremonies. With an almost delicate chime to it, it is engraved with the Hindu Om symbol; a symbol of universal divinity. Place it on your altar, and ring it for clarity, cleansing, and meditation.   FB105E


Om Mani Padme Hum Tingsha Cymbals

Displaying the Tibetan Buddhist mantra of "Om Mani Padme Hum," this Tingsha, or cymbals, are a lovely tool used within meditation. The mantra literally translates into "Aum, to the Jewel in the Lotus, hum" and is perhaps most frequently used to invoke the Bodhisattva of Compassion, and meditating upon it is a common practice for cleansing both the mind.

The Tingsha themselves are traditionally used by holding the leather cord that connects them at their center and swinging the chimes together so that hey ring loudly or holding them together with a gentle tap for a softer ringing tone. In either case, they are sometimes used to bring a student back into focus during meditation as well as to note the beginning and end of a meditation session.

Measuring just under 3" in diameter, these Tingsha cymbals have been cast from brass.  RC96


Pentagram Hand Bell

This delightful bell, crafted of brass, mingles decorative purposes with functional magnificently. The handle, stylized with numerous contours and varied levels, is shaped to fit into your hand with a great deal of comfort even, allowing you to feel at ease as you ring this bell for your ritual practices. The bell itself flares out gracefully, and is marked on two sides with the engraved image of an interwoven pentacle. When at rest, it sits approximately 5" high and 2 1/2" in diameter.  FB104P



Tibetan Altar Bell

Created in the Tibetan style, this hand bell has a handle shaped into the image of one end of a Dorje; a weapon and tool often found within Buddhist imagery within the hands of Gods and spirits. Beneath this handle flares the bronze bell, decorated with black paint so as to display flowing Tibetan script within the natural bronze coloring.

Coming with a 4 1/2" long puja stick, or the wooden stick used to strike the bell, this hand bell measures approximately 2 1/2" diameter at its widest point and 4 3/4" long. FB41A


Unadorned Altar Bell

Try one of these silver-plated bells, unadorned and all the more beautiful for it. Standing 3" tall these bells come in four different designs, all simple, enchanting, and shiningly smooth with a high ringing tone. Our choice, sold separately.  FB105D


Celestial Bell Strings

These delightful strings of bells chime with a delicate ring that is certainly best described as celestial. Hang them in doorways or where the wind will make them sing in your home, business or office, or use them to decorate your altar and make a musical chime in your ritual. Each string is approximately 38" to 44", and comes in various colors. FB4410A


4 Pentagram Wind Chime 24" Long

A beautiful display of mysticism and faith, this wind chime displays 4 pentagrams, each sculpted of brass and strung upon a brass-colored chain, decorated with beads. Representing the four elements ruled by the divine, it is a beautiful symbol that will ring musically with every stirring breeze. It measures approximately 24" long.  FW439


6 Bell Sun Wind Chime

Crafted of brass, this beautiful wind chime shines in tones of gold as the light hits it, creating a fantastic vision as the sun hits it and is only equaled by the musical chime of the six bells that dangle from it. 

Hanging from a central bell, six chains dangle down, accented by beads and little charms in the shape of smiling suns, to end in 6 tinkling, musical bells that jingle and ring with the slightest movement or touch. The whole thing measures approximately 18" long, and makes for a delight ornament whether you hang it indoors or out.  FW401


Black Pentagram Wind Chime 9 1/2"

Adorn any windy spot with this pentagram wind chime. Stamped out of brass and painted black, this lightweight pentagram has five bells hanging in its center, and three bells along its bottom. The diameter of this piece comes to 9 1/2" with bells and a hanging hook making for a total length of 16". FW498


Brass Bell Triquetra Wind Chime

Cleverly made from a small brass bell without its hammer, this delightful wind chime offers a faint, tinkling music from numerous small bells. These delicate, chiming instruments decorate the bottoms of six Triquetras, fixed to the base of the bell by slender, bead-decorated chains. With each chain of a slightly different length and decorated with a slightly different design, it creates a beautiful vision when it is stirred the wind, much as it creates a living chiming music. The whole thing hangs approximately 20", creating a feast for the eyes and ears each and every time the breath of the wind stirs it. FW432


Brass Pentagram Wind Chime Small

A beautiful piece to hang by your windows and in your sacred space, this wind chime has been sculpted from brass to depict a pentagram at its center, with three beaded chains dangling to end in three brass bells. With two small bells and one just a bit larger, it rings with the most delightful music while the translucent blue beads catch the sun in a dazzling compliment to the tones of the brass. The whole piece measures approximately 12" long at its longest point. FW509


Brass Triquetra Wind Chime Small

Sculpted of Brass, this Triquetra shaped wind chime is an absolute delight with the way it catches the light and rings musically with every breeze. Dangling from a slender chain, it features a wide celtic Triquetra as its body to catch the wind, with three more chains dangling from its lower portion in support of three small brass bells. Each of these chains is accented with lovely, translucent green gems that catch sunlight in a manner perfectly complimentary to the brass's reflective surface. The whole piece measures approximately 12" in length and 3" wide.  FW508


Celestial Wind Chime

A lovely piece to hang in your sacred space or home, the Celestial Wind Chime is composed of three brass celestial bodies linked together by a slender chain. Beginning with a star and then a moon, the these brass pieces feature faces, personifying the divinity of these celestial bodies within our lives. Dangling beneath this is an open, six pointed star, celebrating the heavens. With brass bells hanging from each celestial ornament, the 22 1/2" long chime rings musically with the slightest breath of wind or movement. Hang it in your sacred space to bring its gentle chiming into your magical practice and meditation.  FW518


Crescent Moon Wind Chime 24" Long

Created out of hammered and cut brass, this beautiful wind chime strings together five crescent moons in a 24" long chain, each supporting their own small brass bell so that the whole thing rings with a beautiful, airy ringing with every stir of wind and motion. FW501


Golden Sun Wind Chime

A beautiful ornament for your home, this wind chime is a beautiful, gold-toned piece fashioned of wrought iron and copper so as to be light enough to stir in the slightest breeze and to hang easily from whatever hanger you choose. With stylized rays coming out in wavy lines from a central orb which, in turn, has been sculpted into a smiling face, it can't help but to lighten the mood of any room in which it is placed or be a cheery display upon your lawn.

With seven bells dangling from its lower rays that jingle musically with every slight movement, it hangs approximately 21" long from the chain affixed to its top, and 15" wide. FW683


Long Peace Wind Chime 32"'

Dangling 32" in length, this brass wind chime consists of five peace signs strung together by lengths of chain. Each peace sign is wonderfully decorated with further small chains, accented by small beads and tiny brass bells that jingle with light, airy notes with every breath of wind or movement. All of these facets come together readily to create a soothing wind chime that lives up to the name Peace. FW506


Om Wind Chime 24" Long

Hanging approximately 34" long, this wonderful brass wind chime displays multiple four symbols representative of the Om, or Omkar. These symbols are representative of what is viewed as a cosmic sound: the beginning, end and the divine. Decorated with numerous bead accents and 13 small, chiming bells, it is a wonderful piece, certain to bring serene music into your life. FW502


Peace Wind Chime

Bring some serenity into your home and sacred space with the Peace Wind Chime. Made of brass and dangling from a slender chain to a 2 1/8" diameter peace sign, the chime rings with the music of three brass bells that hang at its bottom. The whole chime hangs 9" long and is accented with colorful beads, making it a delightful ornament for your home or altar.   FW520 


Pentagram, Triquetra, Solomon's Seal Wind Chime 5

This fantastic wind chime, hanging approximately 25" long, presents to you three classical symbols of mystical wonder. At the top you will find a pentagram; interwoven and 5 1/2" in diameter, it is made of wrought iron and decorated with two small bells at its base. Beneath this, connected by chain, you will find a triquetra, elegantly crafted wrought iron, it is similarly 5 1/2" wide and decorated at its bottom corners with two small bells. Last but not least, you will find a hexagram symbol sometimes called Solmon's Seal. Hanging 5 1/2" in diameter, it is also crafted of wrought iron and decorated with three small bells that round off wonderful, chiming decoration. FW022


Pentagram Wind Chime

A wonderful way to celebrate your faith and each little breeze that drifts by, this wind chime portrays a 5 1/2" diameter pentagram crafted of black, wrought iron. Beneath this, dangling from five little hoops upon black strings that are decorated with five, colorful beads, are five copper bells. Each of these bells is approximately 1 3/4" long and 1 1/4" in diameter, and ring with a gentle, tinkling music that is certain to bring peace and smiles. FW867


Pentagram Wind Chime 5"

This marvelous ornament offers the classic symbol of mystery and magick to hang about your home and chime with crisp, clear notes whenever it is caught in the wind. Hanging 5" in diameter and 11" long if you include the hanging clasp and bells, it presents a delightful, interwoven pentagram crafted of wrought iron. FW023


Silver-plated Pentagram Wind Chime

Providing a wonderful, musical accent to your sacred space and home , this wind chime uses the pattern of a five pointed star, or pentagram, to catch the eye even as the jingling of its 25 silverplated bells swaying in the wind catches the ear.

With an ornate, conical top that is accented with cut-out designs and whimsical engravings, it features five chains, leading to two tiers of Pentagrams and ringing bells. Each ornament is in turn accented by translucent beads that catch the light in perfect contrast to the luster of the silver~plated brass from which the rest of the wind chime is crafted.

Hang it in your ritual space to sway with every wind and movement or elsewhere within your home to bring the divine ring of the bells to your family with every stirring of the wind. The whole piece measures approximately 18 1/2" in length and 4" in diameter.  FW566


Star and Moon Enamel Wind Chime

The Star and Moon Wind Chime is a beautiful piece for the home and sacred space, featuring 20 musical brass bells that ring out musically with the slightest sway. Dangling from a bell-shaped base, five strands of four brass bells hang on brass chains that jingle musically with every breath of wind in only the way that brass bells can ring. Further, each bell (including the bell-shaped base) is decorated with a cobalt-blue lacquer that vividly brings to life the crescent moons and stars illustrated in the brass. The result is breath-taking beauty both to the eye and to the ear, perfect for where ever you wish to hang it. The whole wind chime measures approximately 21" in length.   FW392


Sun, Moon, and Star Wind Chime

Measuring approximately 32" in length and 8" wide at its widest point, this wrought iron wind chime chains together three iconic images; a sun, a moon, and a star. Each features two copper bells that ring musically with every motion or breeze. It features a ring at its top to allow you to hang it wherever you choose.  FW021


Stars and Moons Wind Chime

This long wind chime is a beautiful piece for the home or sacred space, offering the musical ringing of brass bells alongside stylized images of stars and moons. Hanging approximately 2' in length, the chime supports three crescent moon cut-outs, cut out of shining brass, suspended along a slender chain. Each moon in turn supports tiny brass bells that ring with a subtle jingle, as well as the brass cut out of a five-pointed star. Hanging in celebration of the heavens or in simple enjoyment of the way it accents your home and hearth.  FW521


Three Bell Ganesh Wind Chime

This small wind chime is a wonderful piece for your sacred space, doorways, and windows. Prominantly displaying an image of the Hindu god Ganesh, the lord of new beginnings and remover of obstacles, it is a great way to seek to bring positive beginnings and new opportunities. This wind chime hangs approximately 9" in length.  FW511


Three Bell Pentagram Wind Chime

A delicate little decoration for doorways, windows, and anywhere you'd care to hang it within your sacred space, this wind chime takes the form of a pentagram. Made of brass, it hangs just under 9 1/2" in length with its slender chains being accented by colorful beads, bringing to life the sheen of the brass, five pointed star that dangles at its center. From this hangs three smaller chains, each supporting a delicate brass bell that rings melodically with every movement.  FW514


Three Bell Star and Moon Wind Chime

Hanging from a slender chain, this wind chime displays a crescent moon characterized by the traditional, sleepy face with a star dangling between its points. Elegantly sculpted of brass, it is a fantastic piece to hang by a window, doorway, or within your sacred to bring the musical ringing of its three, small brass bells into your life. This chime hangs approximately 9" in length.  FW513


Three Bell Triquetra Wind Chime

Simple and elegant in design, this small wind chime is perfect for hanging by windows, doorways, and altar spaces. Glistening with the luster of brass, it displays an encircled Celtic Triquetra hanging from a slender chain, which serves to support three small brass bells that ring melodically with the slightest stirring of wind or movement. The entire piece hangs only approximately 9" in length, with the triquetra measuring 2" in diameter.  FW510


Three Bell Triple Moon Wind Chime

The triple moon is a time honored symbol used to represent the stages of life and wisdom, or the three faces of the Goddess: the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. It does this with the waxing and waning moons, sitting with their backs to the full moon, which in this case takes the form of an intricate pentagram. This symbol, hanging from a slender chain, supports three small brass bells that ring melodically with the slightest movement. Hang it in your sacred space, by your windows, or wherever else you wish to experience its melodic music and the imagery of the Goddess. The chime hangs approximately 8 1/2" long and 4" wide. FW512


Triquetra Wind Chime 5"

This simple wind chime has been elegantly crafted of wrought iron in the form of a Triquetra. With its three points representing mind, body, and spirit as well as the Maiden, Mother, and Crone, it is time honored mystical symbol. At each of its lower corners it features a small copper bell, resulting in a gently musical ringing every time it stirs within the wind. The top point features a small ring to allow you to hang it where you choose. The whole wind chime measures approximately 5" long from the tip of the Triquetra to its base.  FW024


Triple Triquetra Wind Chime

Dangling upon a series of beaded chain, this musical wind chime is made up of three graceful triquetras, each smaller than the last. The first, at the top, measures approximately 3" wide, the second 2 1/2" and the third 2", with small chiming bells hanging from the corners of each and a third bell decorating the center of the last triquetra in the chain. The whole thing hangs approximately 22" and comes with a hoop upon which to hang it, allowing you to delight in this wonderful ornament as you listen to the music created by the wind. FW431